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Welcome to Aware Naari’s blog, where we cover a range of topics relevant to immigrant women living and working in the United States. Our blog features a diverse range of content, including tips and insights on career development, relationships, finances, friendships, travel, business promotion, coaching, mentoring, veganism, Ayurvedic food, growing food, vegan recipes, environment, health, meditation, political knowledge, entertainment, self-awareness, time management, home management, networking with women, support, and sharing stories and struggles to help other women.

Our team of experienced writers and guest bloggers provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the challenges of living and working in the United States as an immigrant woman. Our blog covers a wide range of topics, including:

Our blog is a valuable resource for immigrant women looking to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives in the United States. With our practical tips and insights, you can overcome obstacles and succeed in both your personal and professional life.

why do immigrant women struggle to make friends?

Immigrant women may struggle to make friendships for several reasons: 1.Language Barrier: Language is often a major barrier for immigrant women. If they do not speak the language of the host country fluently, they ...

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Friendship is important for women’s health for several reasons:

Emotional Support: Friendships provide emotional support and a sense of belonging, which can help reduce stress and boost mental health. Women often rely on their friends to talk through problems and difficult situations, ...

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5 strengths to develop for working in corporate America as an immigrant woman

As an immigrant woman in Corporate America, you may face unique challenges that can make it more difficult to succeed in your career. However, with the right mindset and skills, you can overcome ...

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Tranquility at the core

Tranquility at the core We all distinctly remember the first moments of our arrival in USA. The time of the day we landed, our first day, the first week, the first month, the first ...

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First Career is not your last

First Career is not your last Today, I want to share a wild and inspiring journey that started with a student visa and led me to where I am now. Buckle up, because ...

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STRUGGLES FOR ACCOMPLISHING SATISFIED LIFE Every person's life is a unique combination of struggles and opportunities. Sometimes, we may face challenges that seem insurmountable, but at the same time, opportunities may also come ...

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Avoid calling “Doll” for Children

Avoid calling "Doll" for Children Let the girls play with dolls but don't grow them to be like dolls. It's not uncommon to hear parents and caregivers refer to children as "dolls" or "little ...

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